Coronavirus Fundamentals

For Translators and Interpreters

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During this 2-hour *recorded* webinar attendees will learn the basic information every translator and interpreter should know about Coronavirus. I also include a list of reliable medical resources used to develop this webinar. 

I hope you enjoy the webinar as much as I did putting it together!



Webinar Replay

Will be available for 7 days (until the date on the email). 

Then, it will self-destruct!

Did you enjoy this webinar?

Well, we have more! Blue Urpi creates webinars that are interesting, educational, and fun. They also grant CEUs for the CCHI certification (CHI), National Board (CMI), Washington State Medical Certification (DSHS), and Judicial Council of California.

  • Note-Taking
  • Medical Note-Taking
  • The Medical History
  • Pain
  • Orthopedics
  • Diabetes
  • Genetics
  • Practical Application of Medical Ethics 
  • And more!

What Our Happy Students Are Saying

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Arturo Bobea

"I still can't believe it how these amazing people managed to find a place to stay. They really help you out and pick the best place!"I can only compare my webinar experience to either giving someone a fish or teaching them how to catch their own. Blue Urpi is helping me be a better fisherman by highlighting and sharpening the important skills to have on the field, which better prepares me to help our people.

Tram Bui, CMI-Vietnamese

Dr. Gloria Rivera's webinars are done with a high level of excellence. She gives relevant information and techniques that translators and interpreters are able to utilize immediately. She is a subject matter expert, a practicing translator and interpreter, and a very effective instructor who understands the need to teach to the 3 types of learning style - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I am a believer and will be continuing to learn from her.

Ursula Carver, CHI

Gloria is a really dedicated teacher, who takes the time to ensure her students actually understand the material being taught. I recently took a few of her online classes and have learned so much from her. I was able to better retain concepts like terminology, background information, etc. because she includes humor and relevant real life examples, making it easier to recall them later. 

EN/ES Medical Interpreter

and Translator

EN/VT Translator and 

Interpreter, Vice President ATI

EN/ES Interpreter

and Translator

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