FAQs about our Webinars

1.    I paid for my webinar. What happens next?

You will receive an email confirmation with the link to the webinar and your registration information within 24-48 hours of payment. Save your link and do not share it because it is assigned to you and the only way we can track your attendance. If you do not receive it, please contact us at info@blueurpi.com.

2.   I have not received any confirmation yet. What should I do?

Please check your junk mail folder. If it is not there, please contact us at info@blueurpi.com. Make sure you have your registration information 24 hours before the date and time of the webinar. Blue Urpi is not liable if we are contacted within 24 hours before the webinar or if attendee cannot join the session.

3.   How late can I register the same day of the webinar?

Early Urpi (our early bird) ends 48 hours before the date and time of the webinar and you don't want to miss it!

Late registration may be accepted if space is available. You may register the same day of the webinar, however we encourage you to register at least 24 hours before our webinar. In this way, you will receive the login information on time and you will be able to join the session on time.
People who pay within 24 hours of the start time and who may not be able to join the webinar will receive the same material and a link to the webinar recording. Blue Urpi will not issue a refund if the attendee cannot join the session.

4.   I have never taken a webinar. What are the system requirements and general recommendations?

Log on at least 15 min before the webinar. In this way, we can make sure the attendee can log on and participate. 

We recommend becoming familiarized with GoToWebinar clicking here before the webinar date.

5.   The time of the webinar is PST or PDT. What does it mean?

PST means Pacific Standard Time; it is the time on the West Coast of the United States. PDT means  Pacific Daylight Time; it is the time on the West Coast of the United States during Daylight Saving Time.
To figure out the equivalent in your local time visit here: 

6.   I attended the *live* webinar and I have not receive a Certificate of Attendance. When will I receive it?

Certificates of Attendance are issued for paid webinars only (live or recorded). If you attended a paid webinar you will receive it via e-mail within 1-2 days.

7.    Do Blue Urpi webinars offer CEUs (Continuing Education Units)?

Yes, only our paid webinars, live or recorded, offer CEUs. Students who attend a live, paid webinar and participate during class will receive CEUs. We offer the following CEUs:

  • ATA CEUs: 1 ATA CEU is accepted as 1 CEU by CCHI (Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters). The CCHI  is the entity that issues the CHI credential (Certified Healthcare Interpreter).
  • NBCMI CEUs: We offer CEUs approved by the NBCMI (National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters). The National Board is the entity that issues the CMI credential (Certified Medical Interpreter).
  • DHSH CEUs: We also offer DSHS CEUs approved by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. 

In order to issue these Certificates of Attendance/Completion and CEUs, we need to comply with National Board, CCHI, DSHS requirements. These entities require participants to do the following in order to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Attendance/Completion:

*For Live Webinars*
- Sign in to the webinar 15 minutes before the webinar starts. 

Remain during the entire webinar.
- Attend the webinar by viewing the presentation while also connecting to the teleconference call (attending by teleconference or over the phone only does not count as full attendance).

       *For Recorded Webinars*
- Watch the entire recording
- Take the test
- Score over 75% 

Unfortunately, if you do not comply with these requirements, we will not be able to issue a Certificate of Attendance/Completion and you will not be able to receive the CEUs.

Blue Urpi will not issue any refunds if attendee arrives late (live webinars) or score less than 75% (recorded webinars). Please plan accordingly.

For more information visit: CCHI website, The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters website, or DSHS List of Approved Continued Education Activities.

8.    Can two or more people watch the *live* webinar on one computer?

No. GoToWebinar (the platform we use for teaching our webinars) issues a report of attendance. Therefore, we can only track the attendance of one of the students and not both. Students must use the personalized link they are sent to attend the live webinar in order to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

9.    I can't find the link to join the webinar. Can I use my friend's link?

No. GoToWebinar (the platform we use for teaching our webinars) issues a personalized link to each student and, later on, a report of attendance. If both students use the same link, it will show on the report as the same student attending twice and we will have no way to track who attended and who didn't. Students who share a link to join the webinar will NOT receive a Certificate of Attendance.

10.    I watched the *recorded* webinar. Do I receive a Certificate of Attendance and Continuing Education Units (CEUs)?

The ATA, the National Board, CCHI, and DSHS have strict rules for issuing CEUs (see question 7).

Participants who missed the live webinar can receive a Certificate of Attendance after watching the entire recording and taking a test. In order to pass this test students must score 75% or above

The test is designed to be answered based on the information provided on the recorded webinar, therefore, correct answers are based on said class. Answers based on internet searches (i.e. blogs, non-medical websites) will not be accepted. Blue Urpi reserves the right to change any answer to correct or incorrect.
This test is sent to students in a PDF format. You may write directly on it using Adobe PDF or you may print it, write your answers, scan it, and e-mail it back to webinar@blueurpi.com
The test shall be filled out and returned before the expiration date of the site and recording. Tests received after this deadline will not be graded and the student will not receive a Certificate of Attendance/Completion. Also, students will not receive a refund. Please, plan accordingly and submit your filled out test timely. 
If a student passes, he or she will receive a Certificate of Attendance/Completion. If the student does not pass, he or she will be informed via email. If the student would like to take a second test, he or she shall pay $45 for Blue Urpi to design a new test and grade it. Designing training material is a time consuming process and at Blue Urpi we treat this issue in a professional manner. 

11.  I need to cancel my registration for a paid webinar. Can I get a refund?

- For paid webinars: We issue refunds until 24 hours before a live webinar. After 24 hours, we will miss you in class, but we can give you credit for a future webinar for the same amount you paid.

- For recorded webinars: All sales are final. 

12.  If there was a recording, can I watch it again?

Our live webinars are usually recorded and attendees will receive a link to the recording within 24 hours. Free webinars are available for 72 hours. Paid webinars are available for 7 days. Please plan accordingly.

13.  I have an iPad. Can I watch the webinar using it?

Yes, you can. Unfortunately, when using an iPad you will not be able to use GoToWebinar "chat window" and will not be able to ask questions and interact.

 If you need any information don't hesitate to contact us at info@blueurpi.com.