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Business Basics for

Medical Interpreters

Accounting? Miles? Late cancellations? What does it have to do with medical interpreting?

As medical interpreters, we wear many hats. We are customer care, accounting, marketing, and... the working talent!

Unfortunately, no one teaches us in school how to write an invoice, what is "net 30", and what to do during a "no-show"

During this *free* webinar you will learn how to:

  • Polish your business image
  • Organize yourself
  • Create your interpreter toolkit

In short, you will learn tips and tricks that will help you become a happy and productive medical interpreter.

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Wednesday, March 28th

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Andrea Parsons, CMI-Spanish

I have now taken 2 of Gloria's webinars. Both were incredibly informative, as well as engaging. One was on the best, most reliable online resources. The second was on Latino Culture. Since taking both classes, I have utilized the recommended sites and strategies. I look forward to taking more of Gloria's webinars; allowing me to add to my interpreter "bag of tricks."

Gloria is a really dedicated teacher, who takes the time to ensure her students actually understand the material being taught. I recently took a few of her online classes and have learned so much from her. I was able to better retain concepts like terminology, background information, etc. because she includes humor and relevant real life examples, making it easier to recall them later. 

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Ursula Carver, CHI-Spanish

Happy Chat

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