Frankensystem – The US Healthcare System


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Time: 10am PST/12pm CST / 1pm EST
Duration: 2 hours
CEUs: Pending for 2 DSHS (#212), 2 CIMCEs (#212)
Type: Live, instructor-led

This webinar is presented in English for languages other than Spanish.

All levels are welcome. 

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The US Healthcare System is like no other in the world since, in short, it is not a real system. Is it a group of organizations, programs, and healthcare professionals that sometimes overlap and duplicate functions. Navigating this peculiar system can be daunting if we also add the US biomedical culture to the mix.

During this 2-hour *live* webinar participants will become familiar with basic concepts and terminology about the US Healthcare System in English.

What is included in this webinar?
After the class, all students receive a link to a personal learning site they can access for 6 months. There, they will find:

  • Webinar recording
  • Presentation handout (PDF)
  • Terminology list (PDF)
  • Sight translation document (PDF)

People who attend the entire duration of the webinar (2 hours) receive a Certificate of Attendance with CEUs (2 DSHS, 2 CIMCEs) within 24-28 business hours.

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Too busy to make it or missed it?
Don’t worry! You will receive a link to the learning site within 24-28 business hours. There, you will find a 10-question multiple-choice test.

Students just need to watch the webinar recording and score over 75% on the test. Once they do, they will receive a Certificate of Completion with CEUs within 24-28 business hours.

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