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Find out about your learning style and how to improve your glossaries!

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*Get to know the basics*

If you have a note-taking technique, but it doesn't work for you or you don't have one and you have no idea where to start... this is the class for you!

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*Get to know the basics*
*For the Medically Inclined*

*For the Medically Inclined*

If you already have a note-taking technique and would like to improve your medical-note taking: this is the webinar you have been looking for.

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Webinars: Medical, Interpreting Skills, and Cultural Competence.

In English and English/Spanish

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  • Gloria is a great example to us all. She has many resources and shares them freely in order to build up our profession. The most recent webinar on Note-taking was informative and fun. I really enjoyed the examples with the movies to get our minds thinking in simple symbols. Also, many of the other examples throughout the webinar were very beneficial as well.

    Justin Lee
  • I am a greenhorn in the medical interpreting world, so this webinar helped me out a lot! Usually, I do not need to take notes because the majority of the conversation between the patient and provider are in short segments; however, one must always be prepared for those doctors (or patients) that go on and on! I have taken other courses in regards to note-taking, but never focused on medical interpreting, so this webinar definitely was more suited to my needs! Can’t wait to take more in the future. Thanks Gloria!

    Kelley Johnson, Medical Interpreter
  • Your webinar on Pain was very informative! So much more than just a “vocabulary list”. As interpreters, words aren’t enough. We must also understand the concepts. You not only reviewed vocabulary specific to pain, but also the pathophysiology of pain, and you did so in a very simple and concise way. I’ve been an interpreter for many years (State, Federal, Medical) and I am also a registered nurse. The information from your webinar will be most helpful whether I am providing patient care at the hospital, interpreting a trial, or interpreting for a patient at a medical appointment. Thank you and I can’t wait for your next webinar.

    Cheryl Olson, CA Court Interpreter
  • I have attended several of Gloria’s webinars. I took the three orthopedic webinars and most recently took the two note taking webinars. I am a student and Gloria’s webinars have helped me a lot. She is able to explain concepts in a way that make sense right away. It’s not just memorization of vocabulary, she uses a lot of visuals such as pictures and diagrams so we have an understanding of what we are saying. I highly recommend Gloria’s webinars and can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Gloria.

    Karla Arreola
  • I attended Gloria Rivera’s webinar titled Medical Note-Taking today, 4-29-2017. It was informative and dynamic, and two hours passed in the blink of an eye. I learned not just symbols, but symbol building strategies. In addition, I learned many medical abbreviations that often come up in texts for sight translation. Congratulations, Gloria. Thank you for a great opportunity for continuing education.

    ‎Maria Milagros Antonini, PhD, CHI-ES
  • I have attended several of Gloria’s webinars, and would like to thank her for the well prepared, educational, useful, interesting, and language neutral subjects that she has presented all in an interactive format with a pinch of good humor thrown in… I’ll definitely be enrolling in the next one and getting the needed CEUs to maintain my certification as a Healthcare Interpreter (Arabic).

    Dana Mansour Hable, CHI-Arabic
  • As an interpreter, note taking is my weakest area…. Gloria’s webinar was a great start for me to beginning developing this set of skills, with lots of very practical helps. What I found most facinating was the Learning Styles test we participants had to do ahead of time. Now I have a better idea as to why note taking is more of a challenge for me than just listening and giving an immediate rendition. It is a language neutral class, but it was a ‘plus’ for me when she shared her medical and Spanish language examples since I work as a Spanish/English Medical Interpreter… they say imitation is the greatest compliment!

    Twinky Satterthwaite, CMI-Spanish
  • “Gloria is a wonderful person, a great instructor and a happy individual who instills confidence in students. Her casual demeanor makes learning easy and stress free. Her preparation is excellent and her delivery is seamless.
    I wish all teachers where as amazing as she is. Learning would be so much fun…as it should be.”

    Rita Colantropo, M.Ed. (EN/ES Medical Translator & Interpreter)
  • I had the pleasure of having Gloria as an instructor while attending an online course for medical interpreters through the University of Arizona. Gloria is an outstanding instructor. She is dynamic, passionate and knowledgeable about her subject. Her sessions were engaging, fun and well paced. What I appreciated most is the individualized attention and accessibility to clarify concepts or questions that arise. Thanks to her positive feedback and comments, I was able to continue to grow professionally and gain confidence to become an interpreter in the medical field. I highly recommend Gloria’s sessions and look forward to taking more classes with her in the future.”

    Martina Horton (EN/ES Translator and Interpreter)