Our happy students share why they like Blue Urpi webinars and Gloria as a teacher.

Great webinar! Lots of medical resources to search and excellent tips on how to be prepared beforehand for interpreting for patients and providers. It is noticeable how well qualified our instructor was. Congratulations!!
Carmen Laborde
Sworn Translator for the State of Coahuila, Mexico, Professor Universidad La Salle
Very informative, covering many aspects of the subject [COVID-19], and discussing terms and registers as used in different countries/regions - very useful for interpreters. Easy to follow and with a good sense of humour, making it easy to stay engaged.
I love attending these [Blue Urpi] webinars because not only do I learn useful vocabulary, but I learn how and why things work the way they do in the world of medicine. These webinars allow me to go into any interpreting session with more confidence because I am better equipped with the knowledge and understanding of what is being discussed, and therefore, can interpret the information more smoothly and accurately. .​
Kelley Johnson, CHI-Spanish
Chicago, IL
Gloria's notes and handouts are very helpful. Being that I am of a generation that enjoys holding in my hand what is being taught, I find it very helpful during and after the webinar. Gloria is always working on improving what she teaches and I really respect that. Other instructors, read the material and its not only boring but, unnatural. I enjoy having her stop to answer questions. Many webinars do not offer that.
AnaElvia Sanchez, CHI-Spanish
San Diego, CA
Loved this workshop! I feel much more prepared for future cardiology assignments and for medical assignments in general. Whenever I watch a webinar from Gloria, I know the content will be high quality.
Michelle Van Beek, CMI-Spanish
English/Spanish Certified Medical Interpreter
Was great information especially coming from a real interpreter who knows what we go through everyday!!! I learned lots and she was super funny and energetic. recommending to my agency as a most take!!!
I love your webinars; they are very informative. You have a great way of breaking down very complex subjects, such as genetics, so that we non-medical professionals can understand easily. Also, your webinars give me greater confidence to go into a variety of medical encounters armed with key vocabulary and knowledge of various branches of medicine. ¡Mil gracias Gloria!
Kelley Johnson, CHI-Spanish
Chicago, IL
I really love how Gloria presents the information. The webinars are always very interesting and enlightening. I find the use of pictures and drawings very helpful. As interpreters, I believe it is our duty to gain a deeper knowledge of the topics we interpret every day. These webinars are a great resource for all of us medical interpreters.
Beatriz Rodriguez, MA, CHI-Spanish
Morgan Hill, CA
I am glad I took the online course "Note-Taking Strategies for Interpreters" by Gloria Rivera. I was already using the strategies the day after listening to the webinar, and I especially liked that she included a test for me to find out what my strongest learning styles are and explained how this self-awareness can help me as an interpreter. For example, finding out that auditory learning is actually my strongest modality, has been really helpful because it gives me the validation that I can repeat what I hear without taking notes. Integrating this kind of self-awareness into the learning is key because it helps you to find out what works best for you so that you can create a note-taking style that plays to your strengths.
Amanda Goodwin
Seattle, WA
Dr. Gloria's 'Genetics' webinar in Spanish was fascinating. She engaged the attendees with interesting graphics and pertinent questions. All throughout the webinar she presented helpful review segments and essential bilingual vocabulary lists, and she added examples and useful tips for interpreting in similar scenarios. I wish my team and I could take every single webinar she creates - thank you! The info is invaluable in my interpreting work.
Danielle Kopasz, CMI-Spanish
Lexington, KY
I have taken many of Gloria's webinars and keep on coming back for more. These workshops are both educational and fun. She has a depth of knowledge and experience which she is able to share with others. She can impart the most convoluted of topics with such clarity that one can grasp the topic much more easily. I will never tire of learning from her. Gloria is the best in the business. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously.
Alicia Hart-Bezman, CHI-Spanish
Sacramento, CA
I mentioned towards the end of the [genetics] webinar that I like the sense of humor, the way it flows naturally, spontaneous. It keeps me looking for upcoming webinar from you. I have taken quite a few with different instructor and it definitely makes a big difference. No doubt your research and knowledge are admirable.
Rosa Delia Gonzalez, CHI-Spanish
El Centro, CA
Gloria Rivera is a wonderful person, a great instructor and a happy individual who instills confidence in her students. Her casual demeanor makes learning easy and stress free. Her preparation is excellent and her delivery is seamless. I wish all teachers where as amazing as she is. Learning would be so much fun, as it should be.
Rita Colantropo, M.Ed
Watsonville, CA
Gloria, I really enjoyed your webinar. It was informative, had good content and was interesting. I really appreciate all of the real-world comments and suggestions, you provided. I also liked the vocabulary that you provided. It was well worth the fee that I paid. I am looking forward to your next webinar.
Teresa Gutierrez
English/Spanish Interpreter
Loved how well organized the information is presented, how thorough it is, Gloria does an excellent job explaining things and giving us the different terms that are often used based upon country of origin when we are translating into Spanish. Great way to present the subject [la historia clínica].
Alicia E. Rola, CHI-Spanish
Watsonville, CA
I came across the [COVID-19] webinar on Facebook and I was positively surprised at the way the material was taught. It was not simply a memory exercise with glossaries, but rather a complete explanation of the topic that helped me understand the context. 10/10 would recommend!
Florencia Citrino
Translation Student
A timely presentation [COVID-19] of science-based facts and concepts. I appreciated the opening about no glossary being provided because concepts will help me best create "work-around" terms at the moment of interpreting, as opposed to trying to memorize terms. I feel better informed and equipped!
Pamela Shepard Garcia
CA Certified Court Interpreter
Gloria, thank you so much for the great webinar on Imaging Tests for Healthcare Interpreters. I have done numerous assignments on imaging tests, but it is until now that I got a complete picture of the different types of test, diagnosis, contrast agents, risks, benefits and ways to administrate them that I feel comfortable doing them. Knowledge is power, as simple as that. Thanks!
Karla Sutherland, CCHI
Centreville, VA
I really appreciate the webinar on the Latino patient. It explained so many things about cultural differences including beliefs and behaviors that will help me immensely as a healthcare interpreter. Thank you Gloria - for this great webinar and others that I have taken over the years in order to accrue CEUs for my accreditation!
Mary Kathleen Johnston, CHI-Spanish
Santa Barbara, CA
I really appreciate the flexibility and inclusiveness that the access to the recorded webinar offers, and also the handout version with the presentation info since this is a lot of great information received that would otherwise be forgotten overnight.
Aida Adams
English/Spanish Interpreter
As a legal interpreter sent to either civil cases or murder trials the need to know medical terminology and conditions is VERY important to be able to keep the register and know what the heck they attorneys and/or witnesses are saying.
Lee Ana Trujillo Lopez
Staff Interpreter at 18th Judicial District, Colorado
This was my first time taken Dr. Rivera's webinar and it was amazing, she is very detail orientate, clear and fun.... love it!
Malena Menjivar-Diaz, CHI-Spanish
Palmdale, CA
[COVID-19 Webinar] It was really interesting and Gloria presented all the information very clearly and in a fun way. I loved it!
Lorena Garcia
EN/ES Translator, Argetina
I liked the way you taught and explained each topic, the sequence was correct, the time was perfect and it was absolutely easy to follow you.
Norha Grosso
English/Spanish Interpreter
I took the seminar on pain and found it thoroughly informative and easy to follow and understand. I was happy to see that the test was not easy. I’m looking forward to learning more from Gloria!
Graciela Zozaya, CHI-Spanish
Houston, TX
Gloria gives us so much information on how to use the resources she talks about. I feel her background gives more credibility to her presentation, she has so much knowledge in the subjects and I feel prepared with the resources provided to do a good job.
Reina E. Lopez, CHI-Spanish
Anaheim, CA
These webinars are always a fresh way to receive and confirm means and methods in our profession and to pulish your skills and knowledge about medical interpreting and translation at a high professional level.
Maria Baker, CHI-Spanish, CMI-Spanish
Madison, AL
Gloria is a really dedicated teacher, who takes the time to ensure her students actually understand the material being taught. I recently took a few of her online classes and have learned so much from her. I was able to better retain concepts like terminology, background information, etc. because she includes humor and relevant real-life examples, making it easier to recall them later. Her interactive approach to teaching combined with her professional background make her classes engaging and truly beneficial.
Ursula Carver, CHI-Spanish
Oceanside, CA
I have attended several of Gloria’s webinars. I took the three orthopedic webinars and most recently took the two note taking webinars. I am a student and Gloria’s webinars have helped me a lot. She is able to explain concepts in a way that make sense right away. It’s not just memorization of vocabulary, she uses a lot of visuals such as pictures and diagrams so we have an understanding of what we are saying. I highly recommend Gloria’s webinars and look forward to the next one. Thank you Gloria.
Karla Arreola, CHI-Spanish
South Gate, CA
I truly enjoy Gloria's classes because she is always prepared; she uses examples via photos, slides or life experiences. She loves to teach and to transfer her medical knowledge in order to transform us into better professionals!
Lilia Banrevy, CMI-Spanish
FL Certified Court Interpreter
I really appreciate the flexibility and inclusiveness that the access to the recorded webinar offers, and also the handout version with the presentation info since this is a lot of great information received that would otherwise be forgotten overnight.- Understanding the cultural aspect of our patients is crucial to be able to accurately interpret what they really mean and to explain it to the provider.
Hecda Leon, CHI-Spanish
Greenville, SC
I have taken two of Gloria's webinars so far - a note-taking webinar in English and a course on pain in Spanish. I enjoyed both immensely and learned useful skills, concepts and vocabulary. Gloria's teaching style is down to earth, organized and easy to follow. The courses provide just the right of amount of challenge, with interesting and engaging presentations. There is something for everyone, since many of the courses are taught in both a language-netural English version, as well as a Spanish version with English examples. Gloria also provides friendly customer service and is quick to respond to questions or troubleshoot any issues. The webinars are a great way to fulfill continuing ed requirements while improving my skills at home. I will definitely be back for more!
Jamie Najera
Renton, WA
It was a pleasure having Gloria as an instructor this past semester while attending an online course for medical interpreters with the University of Arizona. Gloria is an outstanding instructor. She is dynamic, passionate and knowledgeable about her subject. Her sessions were engaging, fun and well paced. What I appreciated most about Gloria was the individualized attention and accessibility to clarify concepts or questions that arise. Thanks to her positive feedback and comments, I was able to continue to grow professionally and gain confidence to become an interpreter in the medical field. I highly recommend Gloria’s sessions and look forward to taking more classes with her in the future.
Martina Horton
English/Spanish Translator & Interpreter
Your webinar on Pain was very informative! So much more than just a "vocabulary list". As interpreters, words aren't enough. We must also understand the concepts. You not only reviewed vocabulary specific to pain, but also the pathophysiology of pain, and you did so in a very simple and concise way. I've been an interpreter for many years (State, Federal, Medical) and I am also a registered nurse. The information from your webinar will be most helpful whether I am providing patient care at the hospital, interpreting a trial, or interpreting for a patient at a medical appointment. Thank you and I can't wait for your next webinar.
Cheryl Olson, CMI-Spanish
Certified Medical Interpreter, CO Court Interpreter
I enjoyed this class because it helped me understand how other interpreters handle medical appointments from a technical point of view and also taking into account practicalities. This class reinforced best practices for sight translation and consecutive interpretation. I learned a lot of high-frequency vocabulary, including some tricky terms. I will go into the next medical appointment better prepared and feeling more confident. The instructor’s depth of knowledge is clear. She keeps things light and keeps students on track, covering lots of territory without class feeling overwhelming.
Rachel Albin
Iowa State Court Interpreter
These webinars are always a fresh way to receive and confirm means and methods in our profession and to polish your skills and knowledge about medical interpreting and translation at a high professional level.
Noemi Quirch
EN/ES Translator
Dr. Rivera is a wonderful humble person, and her webinars are always informative and show that she has a medical background, she has already covered a wide range of topics, she researches well and knows what she's talking about.
Sawsan Ziadeh
Arabic Interpreter
As I said before, very relevant to my work as an interpreter since I do a lot of work in maternal-fetal medicine. There was a huge amount of research that was presented in a very accessible way. Good presentation for somebody that is considering interpreting in this area; great review for somebody that already works in the field. I appreciate the comments about the personal experience as an interpreter and translator.
Maria Boyette
English/Spanish Medical and Court Intepreter
It was extremely helpful to have a medical interpreting workshop from someone who is so thoroughly familiar with the subject from two angles; as a doctor and as an interpreter. She understands the material as a physician but also knows the pitfalls facing interpreters. It was very helpful to have her point out all the false friends and when not to use direct translations.
Janet Duckworth
This is my first time attending a webinar and I really enjoyed it, especially with Gloria who was more than patient to explain terms more than once and how to interpret certain things in a more appropriate way. I will for sure attend more webinars in the future. I did not realize how helpful these webinars are, now I know!!
Cristina Gregston
English/Spanish Interpreter
Gloria M. Rivera transformed this one-hour webinar into a dynamic and pleasant time. It was full of tips, suggestions and warnings, and useful medical resources for beginners and more experienced translators and/or interpreters. Thank you very much for sharing your time and knowledge.
María Félix Alarcón Henao
EN/ES Translator
Loved the webinar on Test for Healthcare Providers. It was fun, informative, clearly explained, and I would definitely take more classes from Gloria.
Alicia Elena Martinez-Rola
Watsonville, CA
If I like a book, I tend to read the author's entire collection, same with Gloria's webinars! Very useful information for medical Interpreters, thank you!
Elizabeth D’Angelo, CMI-Spanish
EN/ES Translator and Interpreter
Yes! The webinar was indeed a grand success. It was very refreshing and I learnt a lot especially different kinds of Dictionary and the details of the website given in the presentation were indeed very useful. How I wish the presentation had not ended. Great Presentation Gloria very well presented and I learnt a lot. Also... it was very refreshing not a moment a boredom. Will definitely attend your future Webinars or Seminars and will also recommend you to others.
Anar P. Bhatt
Gujarati/Hindi Imterpreter
Dr. Gloria Rivera's webinars are done with a high level of excellence. She gives relevant information and techniques that translators and interpreters are able to utilize immediately. She is a subject matter expert, a practicing translator and interpreter, and a very effective instructor who understands the need to teach to the 3 types of learning style - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I am a believer and will be continuing to learn from her.
Tram Bui, CMI-Vietnamese
Phoeniz, AZ
I am a court certified Spanish interpreter who primarily interprets in depositions and covers medical assignments from time to time. All of this information is very useful and I was unaware of the majority of these resources. I'm looking forward to taking the time to review these pages...I always cringe when the patient is asked to "describe their pain. " Well, not anymore!
Giovana Farias, CCCI
CA Certified Court Interpreter
I have attended several of Gloria's webinars, and would like to thank her for the well prepared, educational, useful, interesting, and language neutral subjects that she has presented all in an interactive format with a pinch of good humor thrown in... I'll definitely be enrolling in the next one and getting the needed CEUs to maintain my certification as a Healthcare Interpreter (Arabic).
Dana Mansour Hable, CHI-Arabic
Houston, TX
Gloria was a great presenter! Her knowledge and training as a doctor contributes greatly to her ability to teach a medical workshop. She is able to explain the nuances in the use of different terms in Spanish and English to help interpreters understand the best option for certain circumstances. She is also able to explain the body’s processes and physiology in a simple and clear way, thus helping interpreters without a medical background understand the concepts. I have learned a lot and enjoyed her webinars. I hope they help me to pass the certification exam!
Amy Shrock
EN/ES Court Certified and Medical Interpreter
I took Gloria Rivera’s online course this spring and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Gloria dominates both languages fluently and because she is a doctor she is thoroughly versed in Medical terminology and how to apply it. Her evaluations were detailed and very helpful. Her power point presentations were very organized and she responded promptly whenever there was a question Gloria went out of her way to be available and was very positive and constructive in her critiques. I would highly recommend her course.
Esther Russell
Tucson, AZ
Gloria is very adept at what she does. Knowledgeable and interesting at the same time. Never a dull moment! I am not a medical interpreter, yet. But as a Court interpreter, I believe having medical knowledge is vital to my field. Many of the cases we interpret for have medical terminology, so being well prepared allows the proceedings to continue without unnecessary interruptions.
Rebecca Viezel Ortega
EN/ES Certified Court Interpreter
I enjoyed the webinar because the instructor introduced many resources in both English and Spanish and explained why they were good or not so good. It is important to know which resources are reliable I was also pleased to see that some of the things I do, such as looking at manufacturer's catalogues, are things the instructor also does and recommends.
Janet Esti
English/Spanish Translator and Interpreter
[My Fave Medical Resources] Incredible resources, tons of information, you take what you need and save the rest for later. I loved everything about this presentation and can't wait to see more!
Araceli Zamora Murphy, CHI
English/Spanish Interpreter
Although the webinar [My Fave Medical Resources] is very fast paced, the wealth of information given is very easy to read. I would recommend this Webinar to court interpreters as well!
Patricia Hillock
Federally Certified Court Interpreter
[Latino patient] was a very interesting webinar with a lot of important information, and very useful for the medical interpreters!
Maria E. Mendoza De Sanctis
English/Spanish Interpreter
[My Fave Medical Resources] Gloria was really enjoyable and interesting to listen, we would have liked the webinar to last another hour! Haha
Carolina Rodriguez
English/Spanish Interpreter
Gloria shows a strong understanding of what she teaches. This class taught very useful information that I will use constantly. I definitely recommend Gloria's seminars.
Martha Snell
English/Spanish Interpreter
[My Fave Medical Resources] This was helpful, as it is always good to see what resources other interpreters use. I found especially helpful the tip for using a search engine to get terms in two languages with the same visual.
Leonard Alvarez
English/Spanish Interpreter
[My Fave Medical Resources] This class was an eye opener. So glad I took it, learned a lot and definitely worth the money.
Sara Lopez
English/Spanish Interpreter
[My Fave Medical Resources] Great class! Didn't know there were many resources avail to use. Thank you!
Carolina Rodriguez
English/Spanish Interpreter
I loved taking the online course with Gloria. I had even been running a few minutes late, and was worried I would not get a lot out of the class at first. It was a fantastic review and a great resource for someone trying to break into the interpreting and translating world. I learned more in those few hours then I could have in any college credit class. I have been a Spanish teacher for 20 years, and some of the terminology is not something you find in a typical textbook. Having an experienced, native speaker explain the intricate terminology was invaluable. I look forward to more with Gloria!
Rebecca Colagrecco, MA
English/Spanish Interpreter
I recommend without hesitation Gloria Rivera's webinar, The Medical History. It is so good to be respected and taken seriously as a professional medical interpreter. We don't have to be doctors or nurses, but as medical interpreters we need familiarity and facility with medical terminology in both languages, as well as a solid understanding of the human body, its functions, and common illnesses. Be alert and take good notes! There is much more to the medical history than just running down a list of questions; this course helps you dig into the details.
Gisela Pacho, CHI-Spanish
Roanoke, WA
Practicing a profession successfully and being able to teach the principles and techniques behind it require two very different skill sets. It is rare to find an individual who can excel at both. Gloria Rivera can do both seamlessly and competently--with the added benefit that she has trained and worked as a medical doctor, so she possesses an unequaled depth of understanding of the healthcare system from multidimensional and multilingual points of view. I had the great fortune of having her as my instructor during the 2014 Medical Interpreter Training Institute in Tucson, Arizona. As an educator myself, wanting to implement courses in interpretation and translation at the institution where I teach, I was delighted to experience Dr. Rivera's high caliber of teaching. One of her many strengths was her ability to break down anatomy and physiology so that we, as lay people, could understand the physiological process and, thereby, better recall related vocabulary in both English and Spanish. She was patient, generous, funny, and kind while instructing us. I remember the MITI training with gratitude and fondness--I highly recommend it; Gloria was fantastic!
Laura Pirott
Professor in the Spanish department at Solano Community College
As a medical interpreter for 10 years and the owner/trainer of a medical interpreting agency I have participated in hundreds of hours of ENG<>SPA medical interpreting continuing education classes and conferences. I must say that Gloria's 2-hour webinar 'Get to know - La columna vertebral' is top notch. Since she is both a doctor and an interpreter, I had complete confidence in her teaching which was supported by helpful bilingual graphics, useful interpreting tips, cultural comments on usage of specific terms in other countries, invaluable oral practice with instant feedback, and the renowned research of Navarro's medical terms. It was fantastically useful to hear Gloria's teaching in Spanish while seeing/reading her graphics in English and/or English and Spanish. I can't wait until her next course - for my own ongoing study/review and the training/review of my interpreting team.