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Free one-hour webinars by Gloria Rivera.


I firmly believe that “Sharing is caring”

So, guess what? Every so often, I whip up a free one-hour webinar, sprinkling it with nifty interpreting skills and medical information. It has the same quality as my paid webinars. It includes access to the webinar recording, so you can watch it afterwards, class handout in PDF format, and any other material I may have shared in class.

If you are certified, there is a cherry on top. These webinars have the seal of approval for CEUs from  CEAP (CCHI), IMIA (NBCMI), DSHS (WA State), and even the Judicial Council of California (CCCI).

You can access to these webinars and replay anytime and they are completely free

If you want to receive a certificate of attendance and the granted CEUs, you  can do so after you  pay for the certificate (link included in the site) and pass the 10 question, multiple choice test (test and instructions are also included in the site).

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to contact me at

Happy learning!


For a complete list of approved Blue Urpi webinars, click on the Webinar tab and select your certification. I have webinars for CMI (NBCMI), CHI (CCHI), WA State, and CCCI (Judicial Council of CA). 

If you have any question, please check the FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer there, feel free to contact me at

Happy learning!