Alternative Anatomy: When Livestock Terms Enter the Doctor’s Office

The first time I heard a Mexican patient say, Me duele la paleta, the Peruvian in me was very confused. See, in Peru, a paleta is a small wooden racket, like you use for ping-pong. However, while growing up in Lima, I watched Mexican TV shows, so I was aware – and quite confident –…

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My hemo-what?

Recently I interpreted for a very sweet patient with a 20+ year history of diabetes. When the doctor asked him about his hemoglobin A1c value, he was confused, as if the doctor had asked him for the winning numbers for the lotto. As a diabetic patient, though, you need to know the value of your…

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La cultura hispana para cirujanos ortopédicos

¿Te gustaría participar como panelista en una mesa redonda sobre la cultura latina? Cuando oí esa pregunta, no podía más de la emoción y dije sí sin pensarlo dos veces. El tener como “audiencia cautiva” a los cirujanos ortopédicos asistentes a la Conferencia Anual de la Asociación Ortopédica de California (California Orthopedic Association) era como…

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