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doctors day blog

Doctor’s Day

Día del Médico en EE.UU. By Gloria M. Rivera Hoy es el Día del Médico en Estados Unidos. Este día se

Nomenclatura bacteriana

Nomenclatura bacteriana By Gloria M. Rivera ¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo se escriben los nombres científicos de las bacterias

Strip - stiff

Stiff Person Syndrome & Resources

Stiff-Person Syndrome / Resources By Gloria M. Rivera This week, singer Celine Dion announced that she suffered from Stiff Person

¿Curita o tirita?

¿Curita o Bandita? By Gloria M. Rivera As a Spanish translator and interpreter in the US I work with different

I heart newspapers

I ❤️ newspapers By Gloria M. Rivera I love newspapers. Opening them in the morning, the crinkly sound of paper,

Blog Anatomy

Cute Anatomy in English

Cute Anatomy in English By Gloria M. Rivera “Spanish interpreters use so many fancy words,” a provider told me when

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