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¡Hola! I'm Gloria...

I am originally from Lima, Peru, where I studied medicine and worked as a physician and surgeon. After moving to the U.S. and pursuing further training, I became an English/Spanish translator and a certified court and medical interpreter.
I create webinars that combine my medical background with my over 15 years of experience as a translator and interpreter.
I enjoy teaching practical solutions to ethical dilemmas, simplified medical concepts and terminology, and practical skills in a fun and engaging way.

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Blue Urpi webinars not only include useful terminology or explain complex things in a simple way,
but give you real life translation and interpreting tips with CEUs!

We have CEUs for ATA, NBCMI/IMIA (CMI), CCHI/CEAP (CHI), CIMCEs, and DSHS from WA State. 

Why are Blue Urpi Webinars Different?

Everyone can learn!

Every webinar has a Spanish version, for English/Spanish translators and interpreters, and a language neutral version in English for LOTS (languages other than Spanish).

Live and recorded webinars

You can attend a live, instructor-led webinar and receive the replay, if you missed it, or purchase a recorded, non-instructor led webinar and get a certificate of completion and CEUs.

Watch it from anywhere

Learn new terminology, improve your translation and interpreting skills, get CEUs, and much more in your pajamas from home or anywhere!

Get knowledge and CEUs

Learn complex medical concepts and real-life interpreting tips in an easy way and also get CEUs for ATA, CHI (CCHI), CMI (NBCMI), DSHS, and CIMCEs. More CEUs coming soon!

Learn at your own pace

If you attend a live webinar, miss it, or purchase it, you receive your own site where you can access the class recording. Feel free to pause it and watch it as often as you want!

Everything in one place

Once you purchase a webinar, you have access to your own learning site. This is where you can find all your recordings, handouts, terminology lists, and more.


Things Our Happy Students Say...

I prefer telling letting our students tell you how much
they liked Blue Urpi classes and why. 

Andrea Parsons

I have now taken 2 of Gloria's webinars. Both were incredibly informative, as well as engaging. One was on the best, most reliable online resources. The second was on Latino Culture. Since taking both classes, I have utilized the recommended sites and strategies. I look forward to taking more of Gloria's webinars; allowing me to add to my interpreter "bag of tricks."

Sandra Elena Terra

I have recently completed Gloria’s “¡Ay! The basics of pain” webinar. It is extremely useful to have Dr. Rivera’s knowledge as both a medical doctor and interpreter. The webinar was informative, detailed, and quite engaging. I plan on taking several of her webinars in the near future. Thank you! Highly recommended!

Marcela Rey

I really enjoy Gloria’s webinars. Just recently took the Cardiology one and learned a great deal from it. She gives background information besides the vocabulary, so you end up feeling you have gained understanding and confidence.”