Our Services

Blue Urpi is a boutique linguistic company that provides translation, interpreting, and training.

Blue Urpi is a boutique linguistic company that is committed to providing culturally competent and precise services delivered on time. You know, the way it used to be. We offer the following services:



- General documents: Birth/death certificates, letters, PPT presentations, and websites.
- Medical documents: Medical histories, records, charts, hospitalization and surgical reports, discharge instructions, lab test results, imaging reports, and patient educational materials.
- Clinical Trials: Informed consent forms, patient materials (appointment cards, diaries, etc.), serious adverse events/reactions reports.
- Marketing: Advertising and transcreation.
- Localization: For Peruvian and US Spanish.

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- Consecutive Interpretation: Medical visits, psychological evaluations, medical legal evaluations (AMEs, IMEs, QMEs, and PQMEs), Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs), Worker's Compensation meetings, depo preps, meetings, interviews, and focus groups.
- Simultaneous interpretation: Medical, technical, and tourism conferences.
- Escort interpretation: Private or for small groups.



- Training material: General and medical specialties, healthcare and medical terminology, note-taking, cultural competence, Latino/Hispanic culture.
- Development of Training Material: Tailored to meet your requirements.
- Teaching and Instruction: Online and in person settings.
- Assessment: Private assessment with a report of areas to improve.

Whatever your project is, please feel free to reach out for a quick quote. You can contact us at info@blueurpi.com.