I ❤️ newspapers

By Gloria M. Rivera

I love newspapers. Opening them in the morning, the crinkly sound of paper, the smell of ink and coffee brings back memories from my childhood in Peru. I loved how by reading them I could learn about events that happened on the other side of the world, stay up-to-date with medical discoveries, and, in the process, learn about new words!
And, as a translator and interpreter, I feel I am as good as the words I have recorded into my “mental glossary”.  There, I have stored every type of word, from medical terminology to politics and sports. Also, idiomatic expressions and proverbs that have proved to come in handy when translating or interpreting.
But, how did all those words get there?
One of my main source of words have been newspapers. I remember reading them since I was a little girl back in Peru and absorbing words related to politics, futbol, culture, and Mafalda.
As an a Peruvian interpreter who works with Spanish speakers from different parts of Latin America, newspapers are still my go-to source to increase my terminology. Nowadays, it is even easier when most Spanish-language newspapers have an online presence.
Here are my fave websites and their Instagram accounts, as I follow some of them on this social media platform.
I hope you enjoy them!