Medical Note-Taking


Price: $57
Duration: 2 hours
CEUs: 0.2 CMI (#19-1019), 2 CHI (#09405), 2 DSHS (#177)

Self-paced, non-instructor led
Access to Site
3 months

This webinar is presented in English for interpreters of  all levels and languages.


Note-taking is one of the most valuable skills in every interpreter’s toolkit – but also one of the least fully used. Many interpreters think they need to memorize a long list of one-size-fits-all symbols and abbreviations. Nothing is further from the truth.

Medical Note-taking is the second webinar after Note-Taking Strategies, my webinar about how to develop a personalized note-taking technique, symbols, and abbreviations.

During this 2-hour *recorded* webinar, participants will become familiar with medical symbols and abbreviations already used by medical professionals and leave with the tools to create their own medical symbols! 

What is included in this webinar?
Students will receive a link to a personal learning site they can access for 3 months. On this site students will find:

  • Webinar recording
  • Presentation handout 
  • Learning style test
  • Summary of Rozan’s Principles
  • Symbol list
  • Practice handout
  • 10-question, multiple choice test

In order to receive a Certificate of completion with CEUs (0.2 CMI, 2 CHI, 2 DSHS) participants must watch the recording and score over 75% on a 10-question multiple choice test. Once you pass the test, you will receive a certificate of completion with CEUs within 48 hours.

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