Recording – Medical History and Other Stories (English Only)


A medical history is a medical-legal document and the main source of information for a healthcare provider. As interpreters, if we are not proficient it this terminology the provider may arrive at the incorrect diagnosis and treatment.

During this 2-hour *recorded* webinar participants will become familiar with basic concepts and terminology about the general medical history.

This class is taught in English for translators and interpreters of languages other than Spanish (LOTS). All levels and languages are welcome.

  • Price:  $57
  • Date and Time: Anytime! (Available for 6 months)
  • Subject: The Medical History
    • All the components of a general history
    • The reason behind the questions asked
    • Basic terminology in English 
  • Extra:
    • Class handout in PDF format
    • Access to the webinar replay for six months!
  • CEUs: 2 ATA CEUs (Qualifies for 2 CHI CEUs for CCHI) and 2 DSHS CEUs (Approval #213)
    [Note: In order to receive a Certificate of Attendance and 2 CEUs, participants must take a test and score over 75%.  For more information, visit our FAQ section] 

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