Recorded Webinar – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Transplantation and More! (EN)


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Transplantation and More! – Recorded Webinar

Transplantation is the transfer of human cells, tissues, or organs from a donor to a recipient with the aim of restoring function(s) in the body. Donations can come from deceased donors and live donors. This process may be complex and difficult to understand for a layperson meaning that we, as medical translators and interpreters, must familiar with it.

During this 2-hour *recorded* webinarparticipants will become familiar with the usual process before, during, and after a transplant and the necessary terminology related to it.

This webinar, to be delivered in English, has been specially designed for translators and interpreters who speak a language other than Spanish.

  • Price: $57
  • Date and time: Anytime and anywhere
  • Time to access site: One (1) week
  • Subject: Transplantation 
    • Types of Transplantations
    • Waiting List and Matching Process
    • Surgical Process
    • After Surgery Care (medications, etc.)
  • Extra:
    • Class handout in PDF format
    • Access to the webinar replay for one week!
  • CEUs: 2 ATA CEUs (Qualifies for 2 CEUs for CCHI), 0.2 CMI CEUs for the National Board (CMI), and 2 DSHS CEUs (Approval #248 dated March 19, 2018)
    [NoteIn order to receive a Certificate of Attendance and CEUs, participants must take a test and must score over 75%. For more information, visit our FAQ section] 

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