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Webinar Bundle: Historia clínica + dolor (en español)


Price: $123
Duration: 4 hours (two 2-hour webinars)
CEUs: 0.4 CMI (#19-2028, #18-1177), 4 CHI (#9611, #9613), 4 DSHS (#212, #192), 4 CIMCEs (L-5566, L5568)
Type: Self-paced, non-instructor led
Access to Site: 3 months

These webinars are presented in Spanish with terminology in English and Spanish.

This bundle includes 2 webinars: La historia clínica (the medical history) and el dolor (pain).

La historia clínica is a medical-legal document and the main source of information for healthcare providers. Therefore, if the interpreter is not proficient in this terminology a provider may arrive at the incorrect diagnosis and treatment. El dolor is a common event experienced by most of us at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, pain is a subjective experience and, therefore, difficult to describe and interpret.

During these two 2-hour *recorded* webinars, participants will become familiar with basic concepts and terminology about the medical history and pain in English and Spanish.

What is included in this webinar bundle?

Students will receive a link to a personal learning site they can access for 3 months. On this site students will find materials for both webinars:

  • 2 webinar recordings
  • 2 presentation handouts 
  • 2 terminology lists
  • 2 sight translation exercises
  • 2 10-question, multiple-choice tests

In order to receive a Certificate of completion and CEUs (0.4 CMI, 4 CHI, 4 DSHS, 4 CIMCEs), participants must watch both recordings and score over 75% on both 10-question multiple-choice tests. Once you pass both tests, you will receive a certificate of completion with CEUs for each subject within 48 hours.

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