Anticonceptivos Orales (Practicum)


Price: $77
Duration: 2 hours
CEUs: 2 CHI Performance Based  (#10034)
Self-paced, non-instructor led
Access to Site
6 months

This webinar is presented in Spanish with terminology in English and Spanish.

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Sight translation skills are useful not only when translating a document originally written in English out loud into Spanish, but also when learning new terminology. In this case, this document has information about birth control pills that a patient could receive when trying to find out her options for birth control. 

During this 2-hour self-paced webinar, participants will practice their sight translation skills from English into Spanish.

What do you get with this webinar?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to a learning site. You can access it for six (6)months. There, you will find:

  • Sight translation text in English
  • Glossary
  • Translation of text into Spanish
  • Recorded translation in Spanish

To receive a Certificate of Completion with CEUs (2 CHI), you must record upload 2 recordings (before and after reviewing the glossary) and answer a question. You will receive an email with your certificate within 48 business hours.

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